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Google My Business, Local Directories and Website SEO

A 10x Boost In Business Enquiries with Local SEO

By increasing your local presence, you can generate daily direct calls, clicks and email enquiries. Local SEO gives you the exposure to people who are searching nearby and are ready to buy.

For a business with a physical address, ongoing local SEO can lift your enquiries from rare to daily. Even if your business has changing products, our process has seen up to a 10x return on investment. Just ask Daiman.


Optimise Your Local Presence


Brand Your Business


Increase Reach Month on Month

Enjoy inbound local enquiries that make you smile

Local SEO reliably brings in new enquiries daily and weekly for our ongoing clients. We offer three levels of Local SEO as well as national SEO. Each program begins with verification of your location via correspondence with Google, which we can help you to claim or develop from scratch.

Basic Local SEO

Ideal for a business looking for a suburb based local SEO presence

Advanced Local SEO

Ideal for a business looking for a capital city (or other city or regional hotspot) based local SEO presence

Multi Location Local SEO

Ideal for businesses with up to 5 locations, working on a local SEO presence for each of the locations

National SEO

We also provide 10 keywords up to 200 keyword and premium SEO services. For more information, enquire.

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We often see results in a relatively short space of time and with ongoing SEO, new clients keep flowing.

Local SEO is the essential foundation step for every professional business who wants to deliver service in a local or CBD area.

It’s also brilliant for multi-location businesses, giving you prominence in each location.