Scaling to Succession

TGI Cargo Case Study

Building a Brand From the Ground Up

Peter Townley had run Townley International for many years, scaling to a $27 million turnover in that time and back again as his needs dictated. The business faced a number of current challenges in 2019.
Peter wanted to turn his thriving business into one that he can potentially step away from or step back from in 5-10 years. A few months after we first spoke his website failed completely, leaving him with no online presence.

Brand Capital Solutions

Together we brainstormed and created TGI Cargo – a brand that stepped forward from being about the Townley name. We’ve also created TGI Project Cargo and TGI Ships Agency to compliment specific offerings.
Sister Brand
Peter wanted to turn his thriving business into one that he can potentially step away from or step back from in 5-10 years. A few months after we first spoke his website failed completely, leaving him with no online presence.

Rebranding Key Components

The key to creating a new logo is in honouring the old but updating the brand so that it will present well in the future. RGB colours that compliment the vibrancy of social platforms and on screen viewing, plus a print ready palette in CMYK for physical assets. Hex colours are also needed to compliment brand use across digital assets.

How the TGI logo was developed

The font is deliberately italic, to show a forward motion, enhanced by the arrow, which has a compass effect to symbolise the global nature of TGI. The colour palette mirrors the sky and oceans that TGI cargo traverses. Blue also signifies trust, and grey shows strength, two of the key components of TGI. This story is outlined in the brand guide, so that anyone using the brand assets knows both which colours to use and why they matter.

Colour Swatches

The colour palette for the TGI Cargo Brand is vibrant and strong. This combination was chosen to evoke trust across air and water; reminding us of the movement of air freight and sea freight.
Pantone 286 C
HEX #264482
CMYK: 100, 79, 16, 3
RGB: 44, 68, 130
Pantone 299 C
CMYK: 80, 16, 0, 0
RGB: 77, 158, 218
Pantone 2767 C
HEX #252D4A
CMYK: 100, 86, 41, 41
RGB: 37, 45, 74
Pantone 3015 C
HEX #1C6395
CMYK: 100, 51, 18, 6
RGB: 28, 99, 149

Digital Footprint Asset Creation

We then developed the digital footprint through a new website and social platforms; Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. We also showed Peter the power of small videos on LinkedIn, on which has begun to see over 1,000 views regularly.
By deep diving into the business, we’ve created the vision statement, market dominating position, sales brochures and scripts, clarified the client avatars and helped give TGI prominence in the market.

Building a Future Proof Business Team

As a business that helps others succeed, it’s not enough to just deliver on regular content. While we create the assets for digital capital and lead generation, growth takes time and people power; it often takes a new way of thinking. We’ve also introduced TGI to strategic C-suite partnerships and high level videographers, which have elevated the brand presence and scaled the business internally.

TGI Marketing Results

Within TGI, sales have doubled in the past 12 months and will scale further. New team members, further automation and email delivery will help TGI deliver the next phase of their development.

We created the TGI vision, marketing strategy, defined their USPs and their market dominating position statements. We deliver 45 posts per month on socials, have gained 5 local #1 SEO rankings and some national SEO rankings. We have assisted in video creation, ongoing on and offline collateral and further web and automation development.

We will be there partnering with TGI to help Peter to achieve his goals and step back or out in 5 -10 years, maybe sooner.

New Digital Assets Delivered

Ongoing Service

Offline Branded Assets

TGI Marketing Case Study Feedback

What does Peter have to say?

We develop digital assets behind the scenes with our team of 140. We always employ a high level of QA and due diligence before we deliver to the client for feedback.

Peter often replies with a lot of enthusiasm and approves our content the first time he sees it, which is the best possible outcome for everyone.

Business Owner Feedback

Here’s how Peter responded to our request for feedback recently.
I was not a fan of digital marketing, due to the negative nature of Facebook, Twitter etc. Coming from the old school of doing print media, I was reticent to change, but since working with Emma and the team that has changed. Our reach is much more direct.
We have been working with the team for over a year
Sales are picking up primarily due to our business facelift and digital reach.
We view doing business differently. Looking at how to gain more leverage through the digital platform, has allowed TGI to meet clients in a warm call sense and not a cold call.
Emma’s knowledge of the digital marketing arena is excellent, her approach is she takes ownership and gives excellent and concise advice. She and the team research thoroughly before giving marketing advice. Emma and the team are very committed to your success.
I am certainly a new convert to digital marketing as the results are coming. I have also learnt more in 12 months than I ever did with print media and have more leads than print media. Digital marketing is more on trend. We plan to use it to our advantage.
Yes. She is an excellent media partner, and also a great person. Her success comes from her diligent work, and our success is due to what she and the team has been able to provide.
Emma and the team are thorough, but also she is not a “yes” person. If Emma does not agree with a concept or idea, she will go down the path of explanation and give a better solution.

I am an expert in my field and Emma is an expert in her field of digital marketing. I would highly recommend any business small, medium or large, talking with Emma as I really think she has the key to great success in the digital platform.
Thanks Emma. You are the best.
Peter Townley
TGI Case Study

Feedback from the C Suite Team

Hey Emma,

I have been reviewing the website as part of my process around establishing a framework for us to support Peter in achieving his plan for himself and TGI Cargo and wanted to say that I think you have done a fantastic job working with Peter on the TGI Cargo website.

It is really comprehensive, well designed and comprehensive in describing the business what it does and how it is different. Love your work and look forward to continuing to work together – really good to see the excellence of a collaborator.

All the best

Unsolicited feedback 22nd July 2020
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