49 Point Audit

FINALLY DISCOVER your roadblock to cashflow

It’s about time someone shows you WHY “everything” you’ve tried isn’t getting you the marketing results you’re really after

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What a poor marketing strategy is like

It still amazes us how many companies that have tried “everything” don’t know why it hasn’t worked.

Let’s try explain why most businesses fail to deliver on their marketing promise in a way that might just make sense.

If you’re a business owner looking at your sales teams performance you’ll usually notice the following:

1. You have one star performer
2. You have some average performers who tend to blame their inconsistent results on anything and everything
3. There are a number of team members who seem to be a lost cause

You might be thinking “ok, but how is this relevant to my marketing?

That’s easy. Look at marketing and its processes as a ‘digital salesperson’. Now, the idea of trying “everything” and nothing working is like the third group of sales people. Like the approach you or the marketing agency you work with might have taken, this third group are missing many key components that lead to a sale. Without knowing how to effectively train this group, it will also seem like “everything” you try just doesn’t work.

Now let’s look at group two, the average performers. They might have some good days but that is usually coupled with just as many bad ones. There is inconsistency with results, however, they know a little more than the poor performers. Unfortunately, there is still no real understanding of what drives their good performance t versus the bad. This is your average marketing approach/company. You’ll know you’ve worked with them if you’ve come across groups who blame the inconsistent results on anything and everyone. Are you starting to see a pattern with sales people and marketing approaches/companies?

Now to the top performers. There is a fair chance they outperform everyone else as a result of effective training and development. This is what enables them to continually perform at the highest levels and bring in the bulk of your sales revenue.

So, how is it that we fit in? That’s easy too.

We are the sales coach, only we are not training your actual sales team (although we do offer that service) we are training your 'digital salesperson'. To effectively do this, we need to understand what we're up against. This is the whole reason behind us developing our 49 point audit. This is the tool that will enable us to map out an effective strategy on how to train and develop your 'digital salesperson' like you've always wanted, just never really understood how.

Remember, developing a marketing strategy is simply the process of training a 'digital salesperson' to show your ideal customer an easy way to find you 24/7. This, like training a top sales gun is not an overnight process, yet it is one that can yield extraordinary results.

Who would have thought a strategic, calculated approach to refine and measure your results has been available to you all this time? It’s time to help you get found in more ways than you’ve just found us.

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